Streamlined, Integrated Time, Attendance, Payroll Benefit Your Small Business

by | Dec 10, 2021 | Accounting

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Companies of all sizes can use the services that a human capital management system provides. One of the benefits for an up-and-running HR and payroll system is that it frees the owner or manager of the company to focus on customers, products, and growing the company. Another plus to using an automated system is that it helps the owner or manager be compliant with all the laws and regulations attached to employing talented people. There are a lot of different aspects to any robust Human Resource automation package, and integration among the modules is a key feature. When exploring the best application for your small or medium-sized business, here are some basic functions to look for.

Scheduling, Time, and Attendance

Once an employee has been hired, they need to have a clear, understandable work schedule. An efficient scheduling method helps you match worker skills to the demands of the customer. It is also important to track the time that they spend on the job. Discrepancies can be highlighted and researched.


Paying employees correctly and on time helps develop trust between the company and the worker. An efficient payroll system is fed directly from the hours worked that have been captured in time and attendance. It also calculates the appropriate federal, state, and local payroll taxes to help the company stay compliant with labor and tax regulations.

It is logical to put the power of the best human capital management system with integrated HR and payroll to work for even a small company.

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