Sedation Dentistry: Take the Pain Out of Visits to the Dentist

by | Oct 31, 2011 | Health And fitness

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Are you afraid of needles and dread going to the dentist for a complicated procedure? Gone are the times when dental appointments used to be filled with anxiety in the run-up to the actual visit. These days there are many sophisticated techniques available to make dental appointments comfortable and relatively pain-free. A popular techniques used in medical circles the world over is sedation dentistry.

What is sedation dentistry all about?

Simply put, it is all the techniques used to relax people during deep dental procedures. Whether it is a root canal treatment or a dental implant, or even surgical removal of a wisdom tooth, sedatives can make the procedure relatively pain-free.

What happens while you are sedated?

You remain conscious but deeply relaxed.

This specialized branch of dentistry uses sophisticated anesthetics to put patients into a state of deep relaxation. Most patients report that they remain relatively pain free during the procedure. They usually feel that the procedure is over within a few minutes even if they have been undergoing it for several hours.

What is the depth of sedation you need?

Depending on the kind of treatment you would be having, and your physiological profile, the sedation could range from mild, oral sedatives to intravenous drugs. Only a dental expert can give an idea about the depth and duration of the sedation you might require.

Who is eligible for sedation dentistry?

This is an ideal option especially for children during deep treatments, since they usually have difficulty controlling their movements. If your child is due for a deep dental treatment, sedatives can take the trauma out of it and also help the procedure to go off smoothly. So, consult your dentist to find out if you can give your child this option during the procedure.

Sedation is also suitable for people who have pain phobia or fear of needles. If you have been dreading and postponing dental visits for years because they are afraid of the pain, do not wait any longer. The more you neglect your teeth, the damage is likely to get more deep-rooted, spread to your nerves and finally get beyond repair. A reputed dentist can do a consultation and tell if you are eligible for sedation dentistry.

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