Screen Room Dividers – The Next Generation

by | Dec 7, 2011 | Home And Garden

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Consider this scenario: You just got a great deal on a loft space in an area that is ripe for renewal. You have the building and the vision to improve it, but how do you turn this large open area into separate, functional rooms while keeping the spaciousness that existed when you bought it? Screen room dividers made from fabric are a thing of the past. Sliding room dividers offer a sleek new look that characterizes urban spaces. Affordable and modern, they are just what you need.

The next generation of screen room dividers are aesthetically pleasing and slide silently along a tracking system recessed into your flooring. With a selection of distinctly different shade and color choices for the glass and framework, you can create separate yet highly functional spaces and have an open feeling where needed. In some areas, you may desire to have the divider system installed on a permanent basis, such as laundry areas and closets. In other areas, you may only desire it for certain formal occasions, while preferring an open flow from room to room at other times, such as when your atmosphere is more relaxed and casual. Having dividers that open and close to create space when you want it is what this system is all about.

No longer just for home space design, the newest screen room divider systems make the most out of your office space as well. Perhaps you want to encourage the free flow of creativity and idea generation among employees as part of your corporate culture. Earlier times might have required you to create a conference room space so you could host an entourage from overseas and discuss how your company would launch into the 21st century. While this option offers privacy, it is temporary in nature.

A room divider system can meet this need as well. Visually appealing and functional, a screen room divider system creates designs unique to your space, allowing artistic and stylish applications at affordable prices that meet most any budget constraint. If you need to redesign your space, consider investing in a room divider system and imagine all the reconfiguration you can have in the future.

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