Save on Auto Parts in Chicago

by | Feb 6, 2014 | Automotive

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With the high cost of repairs at dealerships, and even most independent auto repair shops, many vehicle owners are electing to repair their own vehicles whenever possible. Of course not everyone has the ability to make some repairs, but almost anyone can make many repairs with a minimum of tools. However, anyone choosing to complete their own repairs must have the correct parts for the job. A few suppliers of auto parts in Chicago are ready to help provide parts for virtually any vehicle.

For many repairs, a used part is perfectly acceptable, and local suppliers catalog thousands of used parts, saving consumers a great deal of money over purchasing new or rebuilt parts. Alternators, radiators, wheels and countless other used parts are available to make repair jobs go smoothly. Staff at the parts desk are trained to help do-it-yourself or professional repair technicians find the right part for the vehicle being repaired. If a used part is not in their inventory, better used parts dealers will locate the necessary part for clients and have them shipped to their location.

Of course there are times when no used part is available locally and the car must be fixed immediately, making it impossible to wait for a used part to be shipped. In those cases, area parts experts like Aero Auto Parts ( also have an extensive inventory of new and rebuilt parts, allowing the repair to be completed now rather than later. Parts experts know that many parts costing hundreds of dollars can be obtained from after-market suppliers at a fraction of dealers’ cost. In addition, many dealers simply do not stock a huge number of parts. A customer needing a taillight lens, for example, might well have difficulty finding one in stock at a dealership. Used and after-market parts dealers, on the other hand, are often able to provide one immediately. A used lens is just as serviceable as a new one, and it can be purchased used or from an after-market source much less expensively than from a dealer.

Used parts suppliers provide another valuable service to the community – they purchase junk cars, getting them out of streets and yards. Usable parts are then removed from the vehicles, providing a valuable recycling service for the city of Chicago.

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