Resolve Personal Injury Claims With the Help of a Slip and Fall Attorney

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The premise liability law makes it clear that any individual owning property or land can be liable for injuries caused to a person visiting his premises. This also says that the property owner will cover slip and fall injuries. The victims need to prove that the owner of the property is in knowledge of the fact that hazardous conditions exist on his property and that those conditions were the cause of injuries suffered. A slip and fall attorney will establish that the property owner was careless and negligent as he did not bother rectifying the hazardous conditions, nor did he put up any warning signs for people. Only if all these conditions are met, your case will be able to progress successfully in court.

Slip and fall accidents can occur due to a number of reasons and some of the most common hazardous conditions resulting in such accidents are mentioned below:

1.       Uneven floor surfaces and faulty flooring or carpeting

2.       Cracks on walkways

3.       Holes on sidewalks, walkways, lawns, or streets

4.       Slippery flooring because of wax, water or oil/grease

5.       Badly maintained handrails and stairways

6.       Debris, food, or other objects on the floor

If you are a victim of injuries sustained due to the above mentioned or similar conditions you can recover monetary compensation from the responsible parties. Your slip and fall attorney will need to gather as many details as possible about the place of the accident and circumstances that caused it. He will also need to know about the defendant’s resources, the insurance coverage, the degree of the injury and the claim’s strong merits. You need to have a very well experienced, qualifies, and knowledgeable attorney if you want the outcome of the case to be in your favor.

If your claim is successful the type of compensation you can expect according to state law affirmation is as follows:

1.       Medical bills expenses and cost of hospitalization

2.       Lost wages because of your inability to work

3.       Compensation for suffering mental and emotional pain

4.       Cost of items damaged in the accident like, clothes, eyeglasses, wristwatch, etc

5.       Other general expenses or damages caused by the slip and fall incident


You also need to know that the defendant can be free of liability if he successfully establishes that –

1.       The defects causing the accident were very obvious and visible for the victim to have bypassed it

2.       The defects were too minor and could not be a cause for any serious injury

3.       The defendant is not overseeing the premises directly and is unaware of any hazardous circumstance, or the hazards are a recent occurrence unknown to his knowledge

For these reasons you need to engage the services of an efficient and qualified slip and fall attorney. Irvine CA sees scores of such cases being filed day in and day out. The area has no dearth of competent legal professionals.

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