Residential and Commercial Fences in Savoy IL

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Fences allow business owners and homeowners a way to get some privacy, protection, and establish a perimeter around their property. Depending on the type and style of the fencing you choose, it may also offer aesthetic appeal to the property. Regardless of the reasons you want to add a fence to your property there are various kinds of residential and industrial types of Fences in Savoy, IL from which to choose.

Chain Link

Galvanized chain link fencing is one of the most common types you see around neighborhoods and commercial structures. This solution is not for privacy since you can see through it, but it will enclose your property perimeters. It allows you to let your dog out without worry and you will feel safer letting your children play outdoors while you keep a watchful eye on them from indoors. Chain link is also the most cost effective ways to fence your yard or property.

Vinyl Coated Chain Link

Another chain link option is vinyl coated which offers an elegant look to your property. Coatings can be chosen in a variety of colors to blend and complement your home and property. It is basically used for the same purpose as galvanized chain link fencing.


Wood fences are more decorative than chain link and they provide privacy as well as beauty to your property. These are commonly used by homeowners with swimming pools, but are great for anyone who wants privacy to enjoy their backyard.


Vinyl fences are relatively new to the fencing material scene, but this type of fencing has already made a good impression on homeowners. Vinyl fences are virtually maintenance free since you only need to pressure wash them to keep them looking like new. They also provide privacy and add value to your property.


When homeowners want to do more than just enclose their perimeter, they choose ornamental aluminum and steel fencing. They are maintenance free and provide many options in colors and end cap styles.

Fences in Savoy, IL of all these types can be made suitable for residential, commercial, or industrial applications depending on your needs. SK Service Corp provides quality fences for all types of applications in every venue. If you are ready to get fenced in, visit to find out more about their products and services.

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