Rentals in Louisiana’s “Other Side”: Shreveport!

by | May 23, 2013 | Uncategorized

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If you’re looking for a change and moving to a new town, you may want to consider Rentals Shreveport LA. This city (the third largest in the state) is located in the northern section of Louisiana and prides itself on being the “Other Side,” as opposed to the more popular and touristy New Orleans down south. With hints of Texan charm and Cajun attitude, Shreveport can be a great place to call home. Better yet, if you end up moving to this fun city, it just might be impossible to feel bored again! With tons of festivals and attractions, not to mention great outdoor opportunities, Shreveport can keep you entertained with the best of them.

Shreveport is known first and foremost for its fun and exciting festivals. The Mudbug Madness festival might be your thing if you love good zydeco music and even better crawfish! It’s one of the city’s top 20 events. Or what about the Sunflower Festival, with local artisans, crafts, food, and entertainment? Last but not least, let’s not forget about Louisiana’s most famous festival: Mardi Gras! Not just for New Orleans, this pre-Lenten celebration attracts 500,000 people to the city every year. If you find a good Rentals Shreveport LA, you can celebrate year round!

If you’re the outdoors or sporting type, Shreveport has a lot to offer as well. Straddling the Red River, this city has a multitude of options for fun water sports. Fishing is a fun way to relax in town, either at the river or on scenic Cypress or Cross Lake. If you’d rather just take in the natural beauty, there are canoe rentals and river cruises to enjoy. Golfers can find peace in Shreveport as well, with many fine courses to keep even the most advanced golfer challenged and entertained.

If you do end up seeking out Rentals Shreveport LA, you won’t be disappointed by your options. Some companies offer great amenities such as on-site laundry, swimming pools, tanning beds, fitness centers, high-speed internet, and fully furnished corporate housing. With this many choices for comfortable and affordable living, it just may be worth giving Louisiana’s “Other Side” a try!


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