Reasons to Consider Wearing Disposable Shorts During Your Colonoscopy

by | Oct 20, 2021 | Health

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If you’re having issues with your digestive system, then your doctor could order a colonoscopy. This is a procedure that involves being sedated while your doctor uses a long scope to view your rectum and intestinal tract to determine if there is any abnormal bleeding, polyps, or other issues that need to be addressed. An item that could be beneficial is a pair of shorts that are disposable.


During a colonoscopy, it’s possible that there could be fluids that leak out when the scope is inserted and when it’s removed. By wearing disposable colonoscopy shorts, you have a barrier that can protect your blanket, the sheet on the bed, or other clothing items that you might wear during the procedure.

Comfort Flap

Most disposable colonoscopy shorts have a slit or a flap on the back. This allows for the doctor to insert the scope with ease while allowing you to feel comfortable during the procedure instead of being there without clothes on from the waist down. When the procedure is over, the shorts are removed and thrown away so that you can put your own clothes back on before going home. This small article of clothing can help those who might feel embarrassed about not wearing clothes in front of a doctor or nurses so that they can have important diagnostic tests performed.


While wearing disposable shorts, the risk of bacteria getting into the intestinal tract is reduced since there’s a barrier between your skin and the sheets on the bed and other items that are in the room that are used. When there’s a decrease of bacteria, then the chance of an infection developing decreases as well.

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