PupLight Pet Safety Lights Protect You and Your Dog

by | Jul 10, 2013 | Shopping

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Walking at night poses several hazards that a pet owner normally would not think about during the day.  Having limited visibility makes walking even down a sidewalk a potentially hazardous situation.  When thinking about walking at night, common considerations are being visible to traffic, seeing uneven ground and holes and staying away from dead animals or rancid food.  Pet safety lights like PupLight help to illuminate all of those hazards.  Something you might not think about, however, is wild animals.

Wild animals are everywhere when the sun goes down.  No matter whether you are walking on a sidewalk in your neighborhood or on a path in a park, wild animals are there.  If a wild animal did not hear you coming, or see the bright light from your pet safety light, your pet might see the animal before it runs away.  This could cause your dog to chase the animal and either hurt you or get loose.

Depending on the wild animal, it could cause both the pet and walker physical harm.  A skunk might spray you, which at close range can cause serious issues.  A direct skunk spray can cause temporary blindness and breathing problems for both you and your dog.  The unseemly scent also lingers for quite a long time.  Opossums do not carry disease but are known to bite and scratch if they feel threatened.  Raccoons can carry rabies as well as cause severe scratch and bite wounds.  There are also coyotes and other nocturnal animals that could be lingering.

PupLight pet safety lights greatly increase the chances of a wild animal seeing you first and running away.  Most wild animals do not cause people harm unless they feel threatened, which a dog could certainly make an intimidating impression.

Even when in your own backyard, animals can venture in to cause problems.  If your dog is equipped with a PupLight pet safety light wild animals will stay away and if he would happen to run after an animal, you will still be able to see him.

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