Providing in-house BLS Training for Your Employees in Arizona is Important to you

by | Apr 1, 2024 | Educational Consultant

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As the owner of a large construction company, you like to consider yourself a benevolent boss. You provide a good, living wage for all your employees. You provide great healthcare as well as vision and dental insurance. Your time off policies are very liberal. There are other perks that you provide as well. There is at least a $10,000 life insurance policy for every employee as well as a great employee assistance program for issues that might come up vis-a-vis your workers and administrative staff.

As you often do, you are thinking of what else you can do for your staff that will make their lives better. You believe that adding additional benefits helps you keep your employees happier and healthier.

A friend of yours, who also owns a construction firm, has recently added a cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) class for all his employees. An employee had a heart attack on the construction site and so your friend decided that in the future his employees would all be trained in BLS and CPR to help save a life, if necessary.

You want to bring in a firm to do BLS certification classes in Surprise, AZ. This basic life support training will train your employees to help save lives while waiting for emergency medical aid. Construction sites can be dangerous places and having employees trained in basic life support may make a difference in case of an accident, fall, or other medical emergency.

To reach out to a wonderful organization that can train your employees with BLS certification classes in Surprise, AZ, visit the website of CPR Solutions at

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