Protect Your Household Items with Climate Controlled Storage Units

by | Feb 24, 2020 | Articles

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When You Need to Get More Space

Clutter at home impacts our way of life and sense of relaxation. At times it may be obvious how it affects us, and at other not so much because it seems normal enough to deal with storing certain things at home. However, climate controlled storage units are no longer a luxury as it is becoming a more widely used alternative for storing household objects that use to be stacked away in the attic and garage. In fact, it’s much better and improves our quality of life to keep our home focused on space and comfort.

Types of Items Better off Stored Elsewhere

Furniture, artwork, seasonal decorations, important documents, stock and materials used for crafts, materials related to work, crafts and hobbies should be stored in climate controlled storage units. This is because excessive heat, cold and moisture can bend, warp, or cause mildew and mold over the surfaces of the items. This can result in irreparable damage. Storage rooms are also dark at all times when they are not used which is great for valuables such as older pieces of art.

Storage is Easy to Set Up

SecureSpace Self Storage is fuss-free and easy to set up online. You can visit the storage anytime that you need to and arrange all of your business easily over the Internet for payments and rental dates, extensions and additional units. We also love to assist and answer all of your questions in person or over the phone if that is preferred. Please feel free to reach out to us or visit our website.

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