Professional Concrete Repair in Naples, FL Solves Three Common Problems

by | Nov 3, 2023 | Demolition Contractor

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Homeowners and commercial property owners understandably feel upset when they discover that part of their concrete hardscaping has developed a noticeable flaw. That might be an uneven surface, an unsightly crack or an obvious hole where a piece of aggregate popped out. Contractors providing service for concrete repair in Naples, FL use specialized techniques to remove damaged areas and pour new material into the space.


Concrete settling may occur because of inadequate rainwater drainage and erosion. Expansion joints, like those in public sidewalks, typically prevent cracking because they allow the material to expand and contract in a controlled way. However, slabs separated by those joints are now uneven, creating a potential tripping hazard.

Workers providing service for concrete repair in Naples, FL lift the sunken slabs and make them level again. Mudjacking is an effective method. Workers inject a mix of cement and soil under the slabs to raise them and provide additional stabilization.


Cracks in concrete pavement result from the ground settling and shifting. This is a particular risk in pavement with no expansion joints or an insufficient number. The contractors may need to cut away the damaged sections, add expansion joints and then pour new concrete. It’s often possible to fill and patch cracks, but property owners may not like the way this looks.


Noticeable holes occur when a piece of aggregate pops out of the hard surface. The underlying cause is excessive aggregate content or gravel that is too large. This problem is more prevalent in cold climates with freezing and thawing, but it sometimes happens during warm weather. The workers can patch the hole or remove the affected slab and replace it with fresh concrete.

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