Power Bleaching for Teeth Whitening in Alexandria

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Do you wish you had a brighter and whiter smile? Most folks would like that, but it will take more than wishing. You will probably have to make an appointment with one of the Dentists in Alexandria C to see about a whiter smile. This cosmetic dentistry procedure is the most common dental process. A whiter smile is a great boost for your self esteem and confidence. There are over the counter products you can buy for whitening, but most people agree that the best results are those obtained at the dental clinic. These results are typically instant, and you will feel much better when stains and discoloration on your teeth are eliminated.

Teeth Whitening Alexandria is often called dental bleaching. According to the Food and Drug Administration or FDA, whitening is defined as a method that restores the tooth color to its natural state while bleaching will whiten your teeth beyond their natural color. Bleaching uses carbamide peroxide which will react with water to make hydrogen peroxide.

The peroxide is an oxidizing agent that can penetrate the microscopic pores in enamel to bleach the stain deposits located in the dentin. You may receive power bleaching in the Thomas J. McVay, D.D.S. for immediate results.

Power bleaching is often used in the dental office for Teeth Whitening Alexandria. It typically uses hydrogen peroxide with a laser as an activating light. During the procedure, the gums need to be protected with a tissue dam or some other rubber dam. Some procedures may take weeks for noticeable results, but power bleaching produces instant whitening. It also avoids other common problems with home bleaching procedures like having to wear the trays that make you gag or having to endure a bad taste in your mouth. It is extremely important that the gums are well protected from the hydrogen peroxide, so your dentist should have plenty of experience with the process.

Other modern whitening methods include bleaching strips, bleaching gel, bleaching pen, swabbing, natural bleaching, laser bleaching, and brushing. Teeth Whitening Alexandria is nothing new. For instance, the ancient Romans used goat milk and urine to make their teeth whiter. You can rest assured that this method is not in use today!

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