Possible Defendants for the Truck Accident Attorney in Corona, CA to Choose From

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When a client of the truck accident attorney in Corona, CA is hired, one of the first things that is done by the lawyer is to figure out who the defendants are going to be. The defendant in a truck accident lawsuit is not always the driver or not always just the driver. The defendants chosen need to be all of the parties that caused the accident to occur. It is possible that there are multiple parties to be sued in some truck accident cases. Because the causes of truck accidents can be very complex, it is best for truck accident victims to choose legal counsel that has experience in truck accidents.

In most instances, the truck accident attorney in Corona, CA will sue the driver and the driver’s employer. Even if there is equipment failure, problems can often be caught by the employer or the driver during the pre-trip inspection. However, the truck accident lawyer will sue the driver when he or she made a mistake while driving that contributed to the accident. It is relatively rare for a truck case to not involve suing the driver or the driver’s employer as one of the defendants.

Although it is relatively rare for a truck manufacturer or truck repair facility to be sued, there are times when improper manufacturing, maintenance, or repairs contributed to causing the accident or contributed to making injuries more severe. In order to successfully sue truck manufacturers or truck mechanics, a lawyer that is experienced with trucks and truck accidents is needed to win against these defendants.

In very rare cases, a government entity that maintains the roadway can be successfully sued as defendant. It is relatively rare for this type of lawsuit to be successful. There are many ways for government agencies to avoid liability even though the negligence at the government agency contributed to the accident. Nevertheless, there are a few instances when victims have successfully received compensation from government entities that have failed to maintain the roadway so that it is safe for motorists.

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