Organic Products that are Available at Whole Food in Atlanta, GA

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The demand for more organic products has been heard by the grocery store industry in Atlanta, GA. Where once you would find a limited selection on the products on shelves, there is now more options for healthy eating. There is a marked increase in what you can actually find on the shelves and it stretches to just about every category of product.

One of those products where the organic industry has found a place is in the meat department. There has been a lot of information on how bad the use of steroids, hormones, and antibiotics is in the supply chain of meat. Everything, from the food these animals eat to they way they are medically treated determines their organic status. One illness can render a cow or pig as inorganic. If you want to avoid the additives in meat, you need to check out the labels at Whole food Atlanta GA.

Another product to see a surge in organic methods is with fruits and vegetables. Like the meat products, the beginning of the organic journey starts in the fertilizer and seeds. Pest control for these plants also has to be organic. One bad batch of pest control spray can take an entire farm off the organic list for a long time. Farmers have to be especially careful with organic farms in not using something that could strike them from this certification. It is important to check the labels at whole food in Atlantato find out if a vegetable is organic.

Dairy is also a key industry that is making its mark on consumers with its organic products. Like the meat and vegetables, the organic labeling starts with the feed and lasts through the milking process. If at any time, a cow needs antibiotics for an illness, its milk is no longer organic.

While the organic industry has grown, the guidelines regulating them are very strict. It doesn’t take much to upset the balance of the organic industry. Thus, the organic industry is far more careful at considering what they put in the food or what they put on the plants. This is to make healthier food accessible to you.

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