Nothing Odd about A Laserpod

by | Oct 22, 2012 | Shopping

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One of the highlights of our childhood or teen years was going to the nearby big-city’s planetarium to see a laser show. Laser effects became the staple of Pink Floyd, Genesis, and other arena rock acts in the late ’70s and early ’80s. In the 90s, we may have fiddled with the now seemingly prosaic wonders of a laser pointer—to the extent that schools had to ban them. So what could now wow us when it comes to lasers? For entertainment purposes, they’ve strictly gone the way of lava lamps, right? Well, you would think that only if you hadn’t ever experienced the goosebump-inspiring effects of a laserpod at a Halloween party.

Today, the glowing, eerie, arena-rock effects of a full-blown laser show are available at your finger tips, thanks to the novel technology of laserpods. Unlike Pink Floyd, the old planetarium show, or your dad’s laser pointer, laserpods offer more than just one humdrum shade of red. Furthermore, you don’t need a crew of roadies and a semi to haul a laserpod around. Explosions of green and red supernovas, blue star clouds, and shooting-star effects surge across your universe via your laserpod’s implementation of multi-colored LED lights, multiple or single holographic lenses, and green and red laser lighting.

We expect every Halloween event and decoration to have some sort of garish light show, whether it be as subdued and traditional as a candle glowing inside a Jack o’ lantern or strings of 120-volt LED lights pulsing to musical beats or blaring on as we cross a threshold. But the holographic lens technology of a laserpod can actually give your decorations and festivities both the subdued and the out-of-this-world, turning your Halloween event into your own universe of mini-nebulae and glows around a hearth of winking stars.

From the effects of black holes and pulsars to the more mundane but equally goose-bumpy effects of swamp gas lights, a laserpod employs not just the retro laser effects from the backroom of the planetarium but also holography lenses that transform your laser aspirations into new dimensions, allowing you to create clusters of shifting stars and clouds of quasars, as well as eerie glows of unearthly lights. And you don’t have to have a planetarium or Pink Floyd’s budget to harness the star power of a laserpod.

Not only is that once-massive technology now beamed into a laserpod device storable in most any closet, but the prevalence of Internet Halloween lighting merchandisers makes the price of a laserpod ideally affordable—and readily deliverable—for the home party-planner. And, unlike many Halloween decorations, your laserpod is designed for years of use. So, you don’t have to blow the entire show in one party—like Pink Floyd, you can save your laserpod encore for when your guests are screaming for more!

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