Montecristo Cigars Offer High-Quality Cuban Cigars

by | Nov 8, 2011 | Shopping

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Smoking a good cigar is a different experience from smoking a cigarette. Cigars are often used in social situations and don’t require you to inhale the smoke. Instead, smokers usually smoke cigars for their flavor, rather than for the addiction. Finding good Cuban cigars can be difficult, however. Montecristo cigars offer some of the best-known Cuban cigars available.

Cigars date back to the Mayan Indians in Central America before the time of Columbus. The word for cigar actually came from the Indian word for smoking “sikar.” Like the original cigars of the Indians, the Montecristo cigars are hand-made, making mass production difficult. Montecristo cigars contain materials found throughout the Americas, and other places around the world to create the best possible product. For instance, some of the wrappers come from places, such as Connecticut in the United States, Cameroon in Africa and Indonesia. The tobacco used in the cigars comes from Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Cuba and Brazil. Different types of cigars contain varying combinations of wrappers and tobacco.

If you are unfamiliar with smoking cigars, it can be an adjustment to learn how to smoke one properly. While Montecristo cigars are among the best cigars in the world, you can never be sure which flavor you prefer. Therefore, until you find one you like, purchase the cigars one at a time rather than buying a whole box of them. Once you find a flavor you enjoy, you will need to purchase a humidor if you want to buy a box at a time.

Storing the Montecristo cigars in a humidor ensures that the tobacco leaves remain moist. A dry cigar doesn’t burn as efficiently as one that is stored at the proper humidity. Each type of cigar requires its own level of humidity. If you aren’t sure, ask the dealer from whom you buy the cigars.

Because Montecristo cigars are imported from Cuba and can’t be sold in some areas, the price can be quite high. However, if you can find an online tobacco outlet in an area that can sell the cigars, you may find a better price on them. If you live in an area where stores cannot sell Cuban cigars, buying them online may be your only option. Therefore, finding an online retailer that offers the lowest price can save you the most money on your cigars.

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