Making The Best of A Long Flight

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A lengthy plane ride can reach the point where after eight or nine hours you feel you can endure no more. Fortunately many airlines have taken a few measures that help alleviate the problem by providing in-flight entertainment. Modern aircraft have seat back mounted entertainment centers that allow the passenger to access movies, games and music, this has become a standard on many airlines that offer cheap flights in India. Although these features may be available, it is always a good idea to come aboard armed with a few diversions of your own.

Perhaps one of the most common diversions on lengthy flights is reading. There are always magazines and pocket novels to read and in recent years more and more people have access to tablets which allow for the electronic storage of thousands of books. Many people bring along their own personal music player, this way the passenger can enjoy music that he or she likes rather than having to listen to the music selected by the airline. Most airlines allow their passengers to use their laptop computers when they are taking cheap flights in India, this allows the passenger to do a little work or even watch movies. The only drawback to any of these diversions is that they are limited to the battery life of the device, although now, there are external battery packs that even solve this problem.

In many cases the airline provides movies onboard but many budget carriers charge for the use of the headset.

Many people enjoy puzzles and word games, these are great ways of passing time. Usually the airport book store is well stocked with books of crossword puzzles, Sudoku and other types of word and number games. Keeping yourself occupied by knitting or crocheting, sketching or any other way of keeping busy keeps your mind of the flight and the boredom.

As well as being boring, a long plane ride can be physically taxing. As well as hunger, your body undergoes changes in flight that can actually be dangerous if not taken care of. Bring snacks along with you to satisfy hunger between meals if they are served, drink plenty of water and make sure you stretch and move around to help avoid cramping.

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