Looking For Gluten Free Foods In Atlanta GA?

by | Jun 12, 2013 | Shopping

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Atlantans, who care about what they eat, may want to visit Sevananda Natural Foods Market. Sevananda has been around since 1974 and is an icon of the Atlanta and Georgia food scenes. The unique thing, about the market, is that it’s a co-op. The co-op has one goal in mind,–bringing consumers the best locally grown, organic food. Sevananda’s product sources and policies are more demanding than Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, or any other grocery store. The co-op has a Food Integrity Committee. The Committee works hard to bring the consumer “foods they can believe in.” They accomplish this by staying on top of changes relating to food safety and security. The co-op refuses to sell genetically modified foods and any animal products, wherein the animal was killed. They’re also a major source of Gluten free foods Atlanta GA.

You can become a member-owner by paying $20.00 Members get benefits like 20% off on classes, and a monthly shopping trip with 10% off your purchase. Monthly classes focus on everything from cooking to meditation. Sevananda is well-known for its “Journey to Wellness Educational Empowerment Series.” The series focuses on all aspects of living a healthy life including nutrition, gardening and yoga. If you need Gluten free foods in Atlanta GA, Sevananda is your source. People with Celiac disease have a gluten intolerance. And, there are theories that gluten causes other health problems like migraines, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. The co-op has everything you need to live a holistic lifestyle. You’ll love the organic beauty products. They have one of the widest selection of herbs in Atlanta. More than 300 types of herbs are sold. Sevananda also carries a complete range of minerals, supplements, packaged teas, candles, incense and books. You’ll love their deli which features different types of food, for each day of the week, including Tex-Mex, Italian and African. There’s a full bakery and catering is offered. People today really care about what goes into their bodies. Everyweek there’s a recall or scare about some food product. Join the other Georgians who’ve made this their food stop since 1974. For more information, visit Sevananda.coop.

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