Looking for a Hydraulic Boat Trailer for Sale? What to Know Before You Buy

by | Apr 22, 2015 | Automotive

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Whether you are a boat manufacturer, dealer or restorer—or an owner of a boatyard or marina—you know that moving boats from one point to another can be costly, time consuming and risky. Even short moves around the yard can introduce the potential for damage to the boat and other vessels or equipment nearby. Safe and efficient transport is heavily dependent upon the equipment you use to move the boats in your care.

Know Your Options
A well-planned system for boat transport takes the difficulty out of moving boats around your site, from the showroom floor to the coast, or across the country.

While some still use bunk or roller trailers—especially for moving smaller boats—many marine sales, repair and storage operations prefer the maneuverability, flexibility and ease of operation of hydraulic boat trailers. If you own a boatyard that currently blocks boats with a travel lift, a device with a relatively large footprint, you should know that you stand to gain an additional 30% in storage space by switching to a hydraulic trailer to position boats gunnel to gunnel.

These advantages—as well as enhanced safety and the additional revenue generated by increased storage capacity—often drive boat dealers, restorers and storage professionals to look for a hydraulic boat trailer for sale.

Know Your Needs
Make your best decision by first reviewing factors that will determine which equipment will best serve your needs, including the following:
  * Types of boats to be handled—powerboats, sailboats, catamarans or a combination?
  * Heaviest boats to be handled?
  * Deepest draft on sailboats to be handled?
  * Type of trailer use—yard, over-the-road, highway or a combination?
  * Whether a ramp will be used alone or in combination with a travel lift?
  * Current method of moving and blocking boats—bunk trailer, roller trailer, floor jacks, travel lifts?
  * Boat storage environment—asphalt, gravel, indoors? How tight is the area for maneuvering?
  * Primary goals—decreasing risk? Minimizing labor costs? Improving efficiency?
  * Budgetary considerations?

Whether the sales rep or custom manufacturer is offering a hydraulic boat trailer for sale or a combination of equipment options, being direct and specific about your boat transport needs will help facilitate the best decision for your current and future operations.

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