Look Years Younger! Only Your Austin Cosmetic Dentist Will Know

by | Mar 3, 2012 | Health And fitness

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It is possible to look years younger, and only your Austin cosmetic dentist will know the secret. It used to be that the only way to hide the telltale signs of aging was to color your hair that led to the expression, “only her hairdresser will know.” Then came cosmetic surgeries, and the plastic surgeon became another person who might know someone’s anti-aging secrets. Now, we can add the cosmetic dentist to the list.

Your dentist has a variety of procedures that can help you to look years younger. Maybe you’ve thought about some cosmetic procedures, but do not have the time or the nerve to go under the knife. Or, perhaps you have had a little nip and tuck and want to take it one step further. Whatever your reasons for wanting some cosmetic dental work done, your dentist can make your smile and mouth look younger with some simple techniques.

One way to look younger is for your teeth to be brilliantly white when you smile. Although over-the-counter whiteners abound, the most effective whitening can be done by your dentist, often in just one visit. Your new brilliant smile will be one of the most simple cosmetic procedures you can have done, but people will wonder if you’ve had a face-lift, gotten a hair cut, or lost weight. A, brilliant, radiant smile will give you a more youthful appearance and make you seem happier, as well.

Another cosmetic procedure that is fairly easy to accomplish is the application of dental veneers. When your teeth are crooked or misshapen, you can look years older. Porcelain dental veneers can transform the shape and the color of your teeth. In addition, they can make your lips fall more evenly over your teeth, changing the entire shape of your mouth. All of this can make your smile appear younger, but it can also decrease fine wrinkles around your mouth.

One other procedure that you might consider in terms of cosmetic dental procedures is the use of invisible aligners. Crooked teeth can give a withered, aged appearance to your face and smile. If your teeth need to be realigned, chances are that you are not looking to have braces at this point in your life. However, the same realignment that braces provide can be accomplished with invisible aligners that are barely perceptible, if at all. Not only can invisible aligners take years off of your smile, but they can give you the beautiful smile that you’ve always dreamed of.

Talk to your Austin cosmetic dentist about these easy, gentle procedures that can help to take a few years off your appearance.

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