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A large percentage of the population will never have a criminal charge to deal with in their lifetimes, but this law abiding life they lead may not prevent them from being involved in lawsuits or other legal matters.

The civil courts are as busy as the criminal courts and the variety of matters that are heard in civil courtrooms varies so greatly that the odds are more people will experience legal cases there than in the courts designed for criminal charges to be processed.

Divorces, matters of child custody, child support and parenting time, as well as all of the issues of who pays for medical and other expenses that insurance does not cover are all decided in family courts and Family Law Dothan lawyers work there to represent their client base.

Working with a Family Law Dothan case, your lawyer will be able to keep you informed of the options that you face at each juncture during the life of your case.

In situations where there is a relatively amicable atmosphere with the other side, your lawyer can help you negotiate a successful agreement on all of the issues that pertain to your case.

In more adversarial situations, the Family Law Dothan attorney can remain calm and dispassionate while advising their client on the choices that they face and the future implications of anything they may agree to at that moment.

Civil courts often deal with issues other than family court matters and one such claim that is often heard in civil courtrooms is that of work-related or other injuries. Establishing fault and perhaps even negligence will pertain to some cases, only your Disability Attorney Dothan can listen to the facts you tell them about how your disability took place and from those facts, they can help determine if your situation holds the legal merit required to go forward in the courts.

The most law abiding citizens often find that life leads them into circumstances that will require the advice and the expertise that only an attorney can give them. Trusting your legal representation to take care of your case for you can relieve you of a great deal of stress and worry and allow you to focus on taking care of your daily life obligations.

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