Levels of Online Business Administration Degree Options

by | Jul 18, 2014 | Education

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Business administration will provide you with many job options as you will be dealing with supplies, personnel, marketing and finances, along with so much more. After completing an online degree in Business Administration, you will be prepared to go into many different careers. Many of these degrees can be taken fully online, as well. There are three main levels of degrees, including the Associate, Bachelor and Masters degrees.

With an Associate of Science in Business Administration degree, you will be taking about two years’ worth of courses. However, because it’s online, you may get done a little sooner. There will be general and specific business courses, including management, industrial and labor relations.

In some cases, the general education is taught primarily online, which will include math, science and social studies courses. If you choose a completely online degree, you will take tests online, as well, though some blended classes require you to be present with a proctor for examination.

Business administration students can also take specific courses for specialization, such as economics, accounting and small business management.


After you have completed your Associate’s degree in business administration, you may want to go out into the industry or continue on with a Bachelor’s degree. Many businesses require Bachelor degrees. If you haven’t already completed an Associate degree, you will likely need to take four years to completely your Bachelor. However, after an Associate degree, some of your credits may transfer so you could be done in as little as 18 months.

You can take even more specialized courses with a Bachelor program, including International business relations, marketing and organizational behavior.


Even so much as a few years ago, Masters Degree options weren’t available online for any programs, including Business Administration. However, many colleges and universities are now offering Masters options because more and more people demand them.

The MBA (Masters in Business Administration) will help you to apply your knowledge and think critically. You will have online discussions and be required to do individual and group work.

A prerequisite of the MBA is the Bachelor’s in BA, so after your Bachelor’s it will take about one and a half to two years to complete the MBA course.

Specialized options are also available and can include human resource management and finance, among others.

If you are truly interested in management at the highest levels, an MBA could be the best option for you.

Consider an online Business Administration degree at any level to learn more about business. Top Masters Degrees can help you locate Associate, Bachelor or MBA options.

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