Learn How to Make Millions Playing Poker and Never Revealing Your “Tells”

by | Jul 13, 2022 | Business

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Ever watched a poker competition and witnessed players take home hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions? Looks like fun, doesn’t it? For those in the game, it typically is fun, but they have to be really careful. Every human being has “tells”, or signs of deception and anxiety or signs of excitement. These tells can be read by other poker players and cause you to lose. Learn how to play the game like a pro and avoid revealing tells.

Poker Tournament Training Is a Real Thing

Poker tournament training is a real thing. Pros who have won big from tournaments share with you how you can enter and win tournaments too. One of the things these guys teach you is how to recognize your “tells” and the “tells” of others. Then they teach you how to hide your tells so other players can’t read you. This is key in playing the game and making a good bluff.

Making a Good Bluff

Bluffing is a huge part of poker. The best bluffers are those that don’t reveal their tells. It is a skill you have to practice again and again to be able to bluff well while playing the game. Watch a professional poker game once to see players sit as stony-faced and unmoving as possible. Those are the players you really have to watch to see how they come out ahead. Sometimes they even create false tells, which can trick other players into betting or leaving a game sooner than expected. That is how these players win.

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