Latest Fashion Trends 2013

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There is a ton of reasons why people should celebrate New Year’s. It’s a time that includes big plans, new resolutions and above all, new relationships. People tend to be more optimistic, more hopeful and for most, the glass is always half full. Apart from all of this, with a new year come new fashion trends. So, are you wondering about the best, biggest and most enviable trends for 2013? Well then, here’s a sneak peak at the latest fashion trends.

Clothing Trend Inspired by Bondage
Some refer to it as the fashion equivalent of “50 Shades of Grey”, but some just see it as a sign of empowerment for women. Keep your eyes open at Barney’s and Saks for a lot of S&M inspired high fashion racks.

Shiny and Sheen
The time of heavy metals and aluminum foil is here, for designers such as Diane Von Furstenberg and Alexander McQueen are bringing some serious sheen to their clothes. Whether it’s a crisp gold or a bold blue belt, shine and sheen is the next big trend for 2013.

Whether you prefer winter’s dark plaids or fall’s muted hues, or maybe even the bright colors of the Caribbean, graphic prints are the new trend setters for 2013. If you’re not ready for a full leopard print suit, that’s fine. You can start with something small like a graphic printed clutch in some bold gorgeous color.

Pencil Skirts
If you don’t think you’re confident enough to wear those tight pencil skirts just like Jennifer Hudson did at the Super Bowl, that’s quite okay. In fact, there are a lot of other options for you to choose from. You can find a huge range of lengths, colors, and guess what? Anyone can wear pencil skirts. Simply pick a skirt, go out and paint the town red.

A Whole Lot of Stripes
Although stripes aren’t new to the fashion world, we’ve had vertical stripes that are known to be trendy and elongating, while horizontal stripes were known to make you look wider. It was, in fact, Marc Jacobs who has been a big fan of stripes and has even showcased them on the 2013 runway. And if you think you’re not ready for the full striped version, try starting with a top.

So, there you have it. The latest fashion trends for 2013. What’s your style going to be like?

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