Laser Hair removal Techniques are Most Cost-Effective

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There are various techniques that Austin residents use for hair removal, ranging from using a razor to shave off unwanted hair to pulling individual hairs to waxing. Men who would like to remove excess hair from their shoulders and backs; women, who have unwanted hair under arms, on their legs, faces, and along their bikini line, may choose dermatological options in Austin. Hair removal by laser is an increasingly popular method to use due to its effectiveness and long-lasting results.

An Austin dermatologist can provide a simple hair removal technique by using lasers that penetrate and crisp hair follicles, terminating them at their source while stabilizing the neighboring skin. Before the process begins, the area to be treated is applied with a local cream anesthetic in order to relieve the patient from feeling pain from the laser.  A device to cool the skin as the process progresses is also used for the comfort of the patient due to the fact that there will be a minor sensation of heat present during the procedure. Many people are able to endure the entire procedure in relative comfort without needing any numbing cream at all.

Depending on what kind of treatment you are getting, where on the body the hair you want to remove is, and the amount of hair to be removed, the time is takes for the procedure can vary. The laser hair removal treatment reduces your hair by about 80%. Hairs that remain are usually very thin and light, and hair that regrows is often similar to those that remain.  Much of the hair will not grow back because the hair follicle itself is destroyed. After several treatments, your hair follicles in that area of the body may never return.

Austin hair removal by laser is more efficient than shaving or waxing due to the fact that it does not irritate the skin. Many people with sensitive skin put off shaving because of the various side effects, including the development of rashes or blemishes. The hair removal laser, however, only affects the hair follicle and has no impact on immediate skin. Waxing, on the other hand, can break hair and leave behind ingrown hairs. When the follicle is killed, ingrown hairs come out as well.

For people who are bothered by unwanted hair on various parts of the body, Austin hair removal techniques using lasers is the least stressful, easiest way to go, although it may cost a bit more than some other methods. While it isn’t guaranteed to permanently keep hair from regrowth, it is presently the most permanent method of hair removal available.

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