Laser Hair Removal Can Permanently Remove Hair

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Most women want their legs to look smooth and sleek when they are trying on the new swimwear and summer clothing in preparation for the hot summer of Austin, Texas. Laser hair removal is one of the more popular options over a number of other methods for achieving that goal, including using a straight razor to getting Botox injections. Austin, Texas dermatology clinics offer laser hair removal as a way of effectively reducing the number of hairs on your legs in order to achieve your desired results. The laser actually damages the hair follicle during the treatment in order to prevent future hair growth, and eliminating any future need for wax, shaving, scraping, or hiding your legs.

Some women are apprehensive about the process, but unlike waxing, which is painful, Austin, Texas laser hair removal practitioners have perfected a comfortable and convenient process that utilizes a high-speed scanner to penetrate to the follicles on the legs.

One of the advantages of going to a dermatologist in Austin, Texas for laser hair removal is that the process allows for the selection of coarse hairs and can perform deep penetration into the follicles without damaging your skin. If you desire to get rid of unwanted facial hair, this option is available to you, as well. Your upper lip can be treated in a manner of seconds, painlessly. The success rate of dermatologists in Austin, Texas who offer laser hair removal is well over 90 percent. Most people begin to permanently lose hair in treated areas after an average of three to four sessions.

The basic process starts when a technician trims back the hair that you want removed so that its length is extremely short, less than a centimeter. He or she will then make specific adjustments to the laser equipment that is contingent upon the location and type of body hair that you want removed. You may be asked to wear eye protection and an application of cooling gel may also be applied to the surrounding skin. Your dermatologist in Austin, Texas will use laser hair removal equipment that pulses, treating small patches of hair in mere seconds.

A professional technician will proceed slowly at first to make sure that all the optimal conditions are in place to appropriately remove hair and that your skin is not reacting adversely or being damaged in any way. The entire laser hair removal process could take 15 minutes to an hour – how long it takes is determined by the amount of hair you want removed and where it is located on your body.

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