Items to Bring to a Consultation with a Personal Injury Lawyer in Louisville

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Once you have set up a consultation with a Personal Injury Lawyer of Louisville, you’ll need to prepare items to bring with you to this meeting. The more information the attorney has when assessing your case, the easier it will be for him or her to determine your chances of success. The items you will need to bring to the consultation with the Personal Injury Lawyer of Louisville vary by type of case, yet there are some basic guidelines you can make use of in your preparations.

Write down exactly what happened during the injury or incident. Be sure to include all facts that you can remember, but don’t add details you are unsure of as this can do more harm than good. You only have a limited time to meet with the attorney so you don’t want to waste a second. Having this information in written form ensures you don’t miss out on any details which may be important to the case.

If you have photos of the accident site or the area where the incident occurred, have copies made and share the duplicates with the Personal Injury Lawyer of Louisville. Although it may seem easier to bring digital files, it is best not to do so. Having physical photos to review also saves time during this consultation and reduces the chances of the photos being lost!

Make copies of any documentation you have received. This may be from the other party’s insurance company, worker’s compensation, your doctors, hospitals and more. Bring copies of all medical bills, x-rays and other health related documents and a paper from your employer stating how much time you have missed and how much money you have lost as a result of the time missed. It is always better to have an excess of documentation during this meeting rather than to be lacking one or more papers.

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