Is Your Plumbing making Obnoxious Noises?

by | Sep 6, 2012 | Business

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One of the first questions you need to ask yourself before you call a plumbing service in Phoenix because your pipes are making loud noises is: does it happen when the water is off or when it’s on? The answer to this question will help the plumber to evaluate what may be the cause of any noise that you hear. Noises that emanate from your pipes or plumbing when the water is on could be due to such factors as too much pressure, pumps or appliances that are not attached in the right manner, overly-restricted runs with too many turns, worn valves, or problems with fasteners. If your plumbing is complaining when the water is turned off the problem may be due to the pipes being located poorly or, again, too many pipe or line restrictions.

Next you will want to pay attention to what kind of sound is being made. If your plumbing is speaking English and telling you to do things, stop reading now and contact a mental health professional. On the other hand, if your plumbing is merely hissing when your faucet is on but water has not yet spouted, you probably have a water pressure problem – too much of it. If this is the case, it is a problem that the water company in Phoenix can fix.

If the sound you hear is more like a book being dropped inside your wall, a low thud possibly followed by the rattle of shuddering pipes, you likely have a water hammer. This is what happens when you take a lot of pressure but don’t give it anywhere to go. A plumbing service in Phoenix can solve this problem through the use of shock absorbers, as well as offer other solutions.

A high pitched screeching noise when the water is turned on usually occurring at certain levels of pressure is a flaw in your faucet fixture, which merely needs to be replaced.

There are all kinds of other noises that you may hear which may cause you to think your house has indigestion, or is getting hungry. Often, these are due to loose pipes in the walls that can slide against each other, knock against each other or other structures in the walls, and make all kinds of cacophonic music. A plumbing service in Phoenix can usually locate these kinds of problems and fasten loose pipes rather quickly and without charging an excessive amount of money.

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