Invisalign In Medina OH Not Just For Minor Fixes

by | Jul 10, 2024 | Orthodontics

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People are still getting around in cars, century old technology that still works just as well. While some technologies barely moved forward, the area of braces has been flipped on its head entirely. The days where large metal braces were a reality for every middle schooler is not a necessary thing for some people. Invisalign are clear braces in Medina OH that work just as well as the more traditional styles of braces. Their effectiveness is proven over and over again.

Invisalign Fixes Complex Problems

Invisalign was once a budding technology, and it has taken a while for it to get traction to compete with braces. In the past, its lack of performance was balanced out by its visual appeal – its clearness. This is no longer the case, as patients are handling complex problems that go beyond just very basic ‘fixing up.’ The technology can work just as well for individuals facing overwhelming crooked teeth and even jaw issues. There is a line to its capabilities though. Patients with extensive jaw ailments or requiring teeth to be pulled may need braces for a period of time. Patients can have braces for some time followed by Invisalign in Medina OH.

Invisalign: the Same Time Frame as Braces

The technology has the misperception of being only for small problems, and that affects other perceptions such as how long it requires. Biological aspects have a much more dominant effect. Presence of an overbite, the healing rate, metabolism, and the bite force all impact how fast the process takes. In all, it takes just as long (or just as short!) depending on biological concerns, with little to do with the actual braces or Invisalign. Two years is not unexpected, and this can shorten or expand depending on outstanding attributes.

Contact Papandreas Orthodontics to schedule an appointment to see if Invisalign in Medina OH is a proper fit. As the above showcases, the technology works for people in all sorts of scenarios. It is not exclusive for minor problems, and it is not something that takes longer just because it appears simpler.

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