Invest in High Quality Home Appliances – Make Life a Little Better

by | Jun 26, 2012 | Home And Garden

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Home appliances are those little devices that make your life so much easier.  They are all over your home.  They have impacted your life so much that you probably take them from granted.  Without the home appliances that we all use, home life would be much more complicated, laborious, and difficult.

The machines that help us the most are connected to cooking and cleaning.  These pieces of equipment were created to make the daily processes of home life smoother and simplified.  Both major appliances and small appliances have totally changed the way we operate in our homes.

So which appliances are the most commonly used?

1. Washing Machine – The most commonly used home appliance is the washing machine.  This handy machine changed the way we look at clothes forever.  Prior to World War II, washing machines were very uncommon.  People had to wash their clothing by hand in wash basins.  After the war, when electricity became commonplace, these machines started to become affordable for the average home.

2. Refrigerator – Can you imagine not having a fridge in your home?  How would you store your food?  How would you be able to keep perishables?  For thousands of years people depended on natural resources to help keep things cold.  In the early 1900’s people used cold boxes, which were basically an insulated box set on top of an ice chest.  It wasn’t until the 1920’s that the fridge as we know it was invented.  This machine has totally changed the way that we look at food and resources, allowing for foods to be kept for longer and making ice a commonplace item, instead of a luxury.

3. Microwave Oven – Not every home has a microwave oven, but those that do find that having one makes life in the kitchen so much simpler.  The first one was sold in 1947 and they have vastly improved since then.  The early versions were dangerous to use because of the microwaves that came off of them, but the newest versions are safe, compact, and cook food much more rapidly than a stove or an oven ever could.

4. Coffee Maker – There have long been devices that made coffee making possible at home, but only recently have the automatic drip coffee machines been so readily available and in so many homes across America.  Only since the 1970’s have people been able to make a pot of coffee at home in under five minutes.



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