Interesting FAQs about the Yankees Uniform

by | Feb 18, 2012 | Shopping

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Even New York City has several professional sports teams, many of which are really well known, none are more famous than the New York Yankees. Not only does the team have a long history with the city, but they also enjoy the distinction of being one of the most successful teams in all professional sports, even more so than the Detroit Red Wings, Green Bay Packers, and LA Kings. At any given point, the roster is going to be loaded with the names of the most successful and talented ball players in history.

One of the things that the fans of the Yankees have always liked is the teams consistency. Not only does the team consistently win pennants, but unlike other teams, the management has not gone out of its way to change the way the team looks. The uniforms the players wear today look pretty much the same as they did when Babe Ruth played.

Without a doubt, the most famous aspect of the Yankees uniform is the letters NY that are locked together on the ball caps that the players wear. The first time this symbol was seen was in 1909. That means that the famous symbol is even older than the name Yankees. The first time the symbol appeared on the player’s uniforms the team was called the Highlanders. The team didn’t adapt the name Yankees until 1912. The symbol, which is one of the most recognizable in the world, is a tribute to a fallen police officer.

Although the NY symbol is undoubtedly the most famous aspect of the Yankees uniform, most fans are also very familiar with the pin striping that adorns the uniforms. Like most things connected with the Yankees, the pinstripes have been around for a long time. They were first seen on the uniforms when the team changed its name in 1912. They disappeared for a few years and were brought back in 1915. Since then they have been a part of the standard Yankee look.

Although you won’t find any professional sports that don’t have the number of the player printed on the uniforms, the very first team to start doing this was the Yankees. They hope was that by having the number of the player on the uniform, the announcers would find calling the game a great deal easier.

The great thing about the Yankee uniforms is that you don’t have to be a player to wear one. You just have to be a fan of the sport of baseball and the team. You can buy your very own Yankees uniform at novelty shops, sporting goods stores, and online. Once you have the uniform, everyone will know what team has your allegiance.

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