Instructions on How to Install Tin Ceiling Long Island NY Tiles

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The ceiling is one of the most important determiners of how good a house’s decor will look. When installing one, you will need to hire experts who have the necessary skills for upgrading it. Normally, the ceiling heights range from eight to ten feet above the floor. Consider contracting the Tin Ceiling Long Island NY specialists are proficient in such works. Professional contractors will install the ceiling using the following guidelines. Browse website for more information.

Find the center of your ceiling

Some houses will have a fan or bulb fixed at the center. For those that do not have a spot, the string method is used. They will stretch two strings diagonally as from the opposite corners. Use chalk to draw lines through the exact string lines. The point where they intersect should be the epicenter. It will provide square lines which guide the installation of the tiles.

Nailing tiles in the right place

The expert should start laying down the tiles from the center. The perpendicular lines they drew will give guidance in installing the subsequent ones which will be fitted in parallel rows. For a design with coinciding edges, the overlaps need to be in the identical direction with every tile. They position the open overlap to end away from the entrance door so as to avoid the presence of cracks at joints. The expert will then snap extra ceiling lines on the breadth of the tiles while ensuring that no chalk is left on the tile surfaces.

Perimeter tiles

The expert normally cuts the filler tiles once they reach the corners of the room. If they are installing the crown molding, it will be done after the nail-up ceiling tiles job is done. This edge trim may not need a tight fit at the perimeter walls. As they measure the length of the filler panels, they allow any edge overlying necessary at the next full size tile. Tin tiles are cut using tin snips along with all ceiling chimneys or other fittings. After mounting the perimeter filler tiles, they measure the crown or cornice molding. They then cut and nail them into the right places.

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