Jul 23, 2015

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Travel and Working in Two Cities

Travel and Working in Two Cities

Are you the type of employee who is constantly traveling between two locations for your company? Do you find that you spent almost as much time in another city as you do in the one where you keep your home? If that sounds like you, then fully furnished corporate housing in Chicago is something that might make your life a whole lot easier. Just think about being able to have a second home that you can go to during those weeks when you’re stuck on the road. You can stock up your own fridge, and check in and checkout times will become a thing of the past.

The Comfort of Your Own Home

Finding temporary leases has become very popular recently for people who stay in the same city over and over. There are several firms in metropolitan areas that have large apartment buildings designed for the purpose of housing the professional individual in town on business. You’ll be happy to know that they’re as good and in some cases even better than many long-term high scale apartment complexes in the city, but with none of the extra-long commitments. In fact, many places allow for leases to be as short as 30 days. This allows you to hold a place for a few weeks, and when your work has concluded head back to your house in your hometown.

Everything You Need and More

Fully furnished and ready to be moved in to on a moment’s notice, is one of the upsides of apartments like these. You’ll have access to many of the day to day amenities that you would if you were at your own house. Several locations also offer other luxuries as well, such as a swimming pool or a gym to work out in. You’re sure to find that the accommodations are better than any mainstay hotel or inn you constantly use. You’ll be able to come home as late as you like, and won’t have to worry about a check out time early the next morning. You’ll be able to keep sets of clothing or foodstuff for your convenience as well.

In the modern world there just isn’t a need for long term stay hotels for the working individual. Reasonable rates and short term leases make getting a studio or apartment of your own much easier and more convenient. Don’t get stuck by the ice machine anymore.

Looking for fully furnished corporate housing in Chicago? Contact Pinnacle Furnished Suites at 309-230-2005.

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