Facts About Wills & Why A Wills Attorney in Redlands CA Is Needed

Unfortunately, Hollywood movies and television shows have fostered great misconceptions about what wills are and how they work. While people may want to contend with wills on their own in a valiant attempt at saving money, the truth is any minor error can leave the will open to be contested. This is why it is so important for a Wills Attorney in Redlands CA to be involved in the process. Here are a few fast facts about wills to put things in perspective.

Minor Errors

Even so-called minor errors are anything but when it comes to wills. A stray scribble or a misspelled word can be cause for a savvy family member to dispute the will. When the validity of a will is officially contested it can be tied up on the court for years. An experienced attorney can make sure the will is airtight when it comes to validity concerns.

Sign Here Please

Wills must be signed to be valid. Oddly enough, this is something many people forget to do when they prepare a will themselves. Also, even when a will is signed, there may be someone lurking who is ready to contest the signature itself. This is why it is important to make sure a notary also signs it. This virtually guarantees the signature will not be able to be contested.

Updates Taking Place

Over the course of a lifetime, a will may need to be updated. Some people write a will when they are young and then forget to update their will to reflect life changes. In these cases, unfortunately, assets could be given to such people as ex-spouses, the deceased, or charities no longer in favor with the writer of the will. A Wills Attorney in Redlands CA can update the will and ensure all those who should be receiving something truly will be.

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