Facts About Roundworms In Dogs And The Need For A Veterinarian In Ft. Meade

There are various kinds of worms that dogs and puppies frequently have, and one of the most common types is called roundworms. When a dog or puppy is infested with these worms, it can cause a decline in their health. Luckily, pet owners can take their dogs to a Veterinarian in Ft. Meade for diagnosis and treatment of roundworms. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn the facts about roundworms and dogs.

Q.) What are the symptoms of roundworms and how they can affect the health of a dog?

A.) When a dog or puppy has roundworms, the owner may see the worms in the animal’s waste. These worms are light tan in color and adult worms can be up to five inches long. Dogs and puppies with an infestation of roundworms may appear weak and thin, but they often have a large belly. If roundworms aren’t treated, they can cause an obstruction in a dog’s intestinal tract. A puppy’s growth is often compromised when the animal is infested with roundworms.

Q.) How does a dog get infected with roundworms?

A.) Since the worms and eggs pass through dogs in their waste, other dogs get the worms by coming into contact with the infected waste. Puppies usually get roundworms from their mother through nursing, and some puppies have roundworms when they’re born because they contracted them inside the womb.

Q.) What should pet owners do if they believe their dog has roundworms?

A.) When a dog or puppy shows any symptoms of roundworms, pet owners should take the animal to a Veterinarian in Ft. Meade as soon as possible. The veterinarian will take a stool sample and test for the presence of roundworms in the animal. After a positive diagnosis, the vet will treat the animal by administering medication. Pet owners can prevent puppies from getting roundworms by taking the animals to a veterinarian for a wellness visit and their vaccinations by the time they’re six weeks old.

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