Bathroom Remodeling in Naples, FL: Health Advantages of Oversized Tubs

One project sometimes requested when scheduling bathroom remodeling services in Naples, FL, is the installation of an oversize bathtub. This might be a square garden tub or a large claw foot tub with a vintage style. People who love a relaxing soak enjoy these master bath features. Taking a warm bath, especially when adding certain beneficial substances, also can supply advantages for health.

Oatmeal Baths

An oatmeal bath has long been used for soothing inflamed skin. Before the chickenpox vaccine was available, parents routinely bathed their suffering youngsters in warm water containing oatmeal. This eased the itching and sore skin. Oatmeal baths are still useful today for people struggling with eczema and psoriasis.

Essential Oils and Epsom Salts

Eczema and psoriasis do not respond well to essential oils or bath salts, but those products are useful for other purposes.

Depending on the oil used, the results can be relaxing or invigorating. Certain scents improve a person’s mood when irritability, anxiety or mild depression has been difficult to resolve.

A bath containing Epsom salts, the common name for magnesium sulfate, eases joint and muscle aches. The added advantage is obtaining more of this essential nutrient through the skin since many individuals do not consume enough magnesium through food.

Appreciating the Benefits

Once a contractor providing bathroom remodeling services in Naples, FL, installs a large tub, household residents dealing with these problems will appreciate the benefits. Bathroom renovations are provided by LHS New Construction & Remodeling, which offers information on its services at Visit the website

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