Improve Your Smile and Increase Your Confidence by Visiting a Dentist in Somerdale

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When your teeth are crooked, chipped, yellowed or cracked, it is common to feel self-conscious and avoid smiling as much as you normally would. When you meet someone new and do not give them a full smile, it may give them the opinion that you are unapproachable. A possible friendship gets off to a poor start and may never grow at all. Of course, giving a full smile when your teeth are not the way you wish them to be can give them the impression that you are lazy and do not care about your appearance or health.

Instead of always hiding your smile and appearing shy or stuck-up, visit the family dentist. He or she can work with you to get a smile that is white and straight, with teeth that are not cracked or chipped. It may take more than just a few visits, but once complete, you will be happy to flash your pearly whites to anyone you may happen to meet.

First, any dental decay will need to be addressed. Once this is taken care of, the Dentist in Somerdale will help you decide whether you want to have veneers put on over any chipped or cracked teeth, or if you want to have caps instead. Veneers can be placed in a manner that will take care of some crookedness too. They are great for making a gap smaller.

If you are going to have the Dentist in Somerdale put on caps or veneers, you should have your teeth whitened first. This way, you can match the color to your natural teeth. the materials in the caps and veneers will not whiten the same way your teeth will. A-In addition, a Teeth Whitening Dentist may choose to only work on natural teeth. You would not want to have the whitening procedure done and then realize that all the cosmetic work you had done does not match the rest of teeth in your mouth.

After you have all the work done, you will be amazed at how much more confident you feel. You will not be afraid to smile at, eat with, or talk to people because of the way your teeth look.

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