If You Have Saggy Eyelids, Consider An Eyebrow Lift in Naperville, IL

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6060086_lIf you’re bothered by saggy skin and wrinkles on your forehead and around your eyelids, and you’re wondering if there is something you can do to help tighten the skin, but isn’t as drastic as a facelift, maybe you should consider an eyebrow lift. An eyebrow lift, sometimes referred to as a forehead lift, is a surgical procedure that removes the excess skin to reduce the eyelid drooping and sagging and tightens the skin on the forehead to reduce the look of lines and wrinkles. It differs from a facelift in that it concentrates on the forehead, as well as above and below the eye area.

There are a few advantages of getting an eyebrow lift in Naperville, IL over going for the full facelift, with the main one being that the results look completely natural. Rather than the process of just pulling back the sagging skin as with a facelift, an eyebrow lift removes excess skin and fat from around the eyes, so instead looking stretched out, they just look more youthful.

An eyebrow lift in Naperville, IL also has a quicker recovery time, with most patients being able to return to normal activities in around 7-10 days. Recovery from a facelift can take at least 2-3 weeks and the discoloration from the bruising can last quite a bit longer than that.

If cost is a concern, you should also know that the average cost of an eyebrow lift is less than half of what a facelift costs. Many cosmetic surgery centers offer convenient financing plans as well, to help you fit it into your budget. The results from an eyebrow lift in Naperville, IL can last for quite a long time for the majority of patients and many find that excessive eye sagging does not occur again after the first procedure. Some people feel the need to touch it up every few years so they can keep their youthful look and some are satisfied that the procedure continues to make them look better for the rest of their lives. The longevity of the results will be up to you, then, and what exactly you want to get out of them. Browse cclscosmetic.com to know more.

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