If a Car Hits Your Motorcycle, Call an Accident Attorney in PA

by | Feb 18, 2014 | Uncategorized

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It might not have been everyone’s idea of the perfect way to celebrate retirement, but traveling the country on the Harley was perfect for them. No schedules, no meetings – just the two of them having fun and enjoying being together. When he bought the Harley, it wasn’t much more than a frame and a big plastic bin holding some of the missing parts. They located the rest of the parts at motorcycle shows and the internet. Restoration took years, but finally the Harley was finished, gleaming perfection, growling a seductive song of open roads and freedom.

They were going through an intersection when a car unexpectedly turned left and hit them head-on. She was told later that the driver of the delivery van was looking at a text from his boss when he hit them. The doctors said that her husband was lucky and will live, but they’re talking about more operations. Her own injuries are making life even more difficult. All their dreams and plans are finished, because someone thought reading a text was more important than paying attention while driving.

Their son brought in an attorney to talk to them. His mother was worried about everything, including being afraid that insurance wasn’t going to cover all of the medical bills. An insurance adjuster was coming to talk to them, but she said that she just couldn’t deal with that right now. The motorcycle accident had changed their lives and they needed help. The attorney seemed experienced and understood their situation. They couldn’t get back what had been so suddenly taken from them, but the future could be better than it was now.

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