How to Secure the Right Loan to Fund Your New Restaurant Venture

by | Oct 13, 2023 | Loan Agency

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You have worked as a chef in a couple of nice restaurants. Your spouse has served as the Hostess in a couple of others. Together you have also worked at yet another. You know you work well together. You, in your opinion and in the opinion of many others, are a great all around chef and you specialize in Italian cuisine. Your spouse is great with customers and managing a staff. You have experience with a wonderful accountant and bookkeeper so you believe you have the makings of a great team.

You are acquainted with a lot of very good servers and you are ready and eager to start a small restaurant. You would serve dinner, in the beginning, and perhaps later, serve lunch on special occasions and for groups.

You have saved a good bit of money toward your venture but you realize that you will need more. You will have to take out a loan that also would include the ability to draw money down as you need it. You know that a bank loan may not be your best bet but to where else can you turn?

You have heard that there are companies that will make you restaurant business loans. These companies provide some of the best terms in the country for restaurant business loans because they work with a number of funders and they help you to submit the best application that you can. Some of the companies can even provide no credit check or guaranteed loans as well.

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