How to Receive God’s Love

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If you are ready to receive God’s love but are uncertain how to proceed, be assured this is not something to fear. God is always waiting to share his love with you ad there are many ways you can prepare yourself. One of the simplest ways to receive God’s love is to request a Bible Prophecy Online that will start you off on a path to learn more about faith and God’s message.

A bible prophecy online is designed to share God’s word with you so you can learn about his love. Faith is a wonderful gift that allows you to lead each day of your life with the knowledge that things will always get better. The more faith you have the more you will believe that God wishes you to be happy. Do not make the mistake of thinking that you are not worthy of God’s love. God already loves you and this can be hard for some people to believe especially if they have had much difficulty in life. Just ask yourself a simple question: In hardship did I truly believe God’s love would save me? You know that the answer is no.

When you hear of people who have undergone terrible times in their life but can remain faithful, those are the people who have true faith. They have learned how to open their hearts and receive God’s love. It is not a matter of praying feverishly every night for more money, to be well or to be free of sin. Instead it is about knowing that God is there to help you. It is not a matter of asking for help. Instead it is a matter of receiving his love with a pure heart and faith.

It is a common mistake to believe that praying is the way to reach God. Praying with a pure heart full of love and faith allows you to speak to God and feel his strength. However it is only when you are able to have a pure heart that is open to God’s love that you will see prayer working. And do not mistake a pure heart to mean a heart without sin. Instead a pure heart is pure in faith without hesitation or reservation. A pure heart prepares you to receive God’s love.

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