How to Prepare to Have Your Vehicle Towed in San Antonio, TX

by | Dec 17, 2021 | Towing Service

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After getting medical attention and filing a report with the police, you may need to move your vehicle from the area where your accident took place. If your vehicle is leaking fluids, if the headlights and taillights do not work properly, if the mirrors are not intact, if the hood cannot close, or if the brakes and steering wheel are not functioning correctly, need to find a towing service.

Your insurance provider may recommend a specific towing service in San Antonio TX, if you have a roadside assistance package. If not, you can find an independent towing company. Make sure to work with a reputable company and that you understand the costs associated with towing the vehicle.

As you are waiting for the tow truck to arrive, take pictures of your vehicle. Also, remove valuable items from the vehicle. Make sure you have your wallet, purse, electronic devices, and other necessities.

When the tow truck driver arrives, you need to be sure that they are from the company you or your insurance company hired. They should identify themselves properly. Read all the paperwork provided by the driver carefully before signing it or making a payment.

The driver will need to know where your vehicle should be towed. Your insurance company may recommend an auto body shop. Or you may need to do some research and choose an auto body shop on your own.

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