How to Pack Your Art

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Most of the time an artist is very protective of their artwork in the delivery procedure. Artwork packing Los Angeles has to be performed very carefully especially with pastel paintings because they can be easily damaged if they are not packed correctly. The best way to pack a pastel painting is to secure them with foam lined boxes. Shipping is a very stressful time for any artist. The work that is rendered by the artist is very special to him or her, and they want to ensure it arrives safely to the customer.

How to Pack Pastels

Pastel paintings are easier to ruin compared to other works of art. Retailers that work in packaging work hard to provide answers for difficulties their buyers may run into. An Artwork packing in Los Angeles understands that certain objects will require extra safeguarding. Artists can be provided with special foam lined boxes that are perfect for delivering their art. These boxes come in all different shapes and sizes so that the correct size can be found to send your art that is going to be transported to the end customer.

Glass-Framed Artwork

When it comes to Artwork packing in Los Angeles if you are shipping a painting that has glass in the frame it is important to add extra pieces of bubble wrapping or foam so that it will offer additional support to the painting in the shipping process. No artist wants to invest into creating a beautiful work of art only to have it be damaged before it reaches the customer. Selecting a reputable dealer is important to ensure the package arrives safely to the customer.

Picking the Right Box

Boxes that are lined with foam come in brown and white. When you can’t find a box that will work for what you need, it is possible to have a custom box created in the exact size that you need. All artist take pride in creating their artwork which is why foam lined box for shipping is so important. It is very important that ordinary packing boxes are avoided. You don’t want to ruin all the hard work you put into the pastel painting. The goal is for the art to arrive safely and in perfect condition to the customer in the end.

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