How to Install Ceramic Tile in Renton, WA

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If you are looking to give your home a new look, then it may be time to update your flooring. You can revitalize any room in your home by choosing to install ceramic tile in Renton, WA. Ceramic tile is an inexpensive and easy to maintain option that makes a great floor material for a variety of applications. It is also easy to install, and can be done with only a few tools.

Make sure you have all the items you need for your new floor project before you being. It can help save money and keep you from installing it incorrectly. Make sure you use the following steps to ensure you install your new floor properly.

Preparations: Before beginning installation of your Ceramic Tile in Renton, WA, make sure you remove the old flooring and gather all of the tools you will need. This includes a tile saw, tile mud, a trowel, grout and tile spacers. You should also have a china marker and a measuring tape to make cutting the tile easy and worry free. Don’t start working on your project until you have the area and yourself prepared for the job.

Lay the Tile: Once you have the area prepped start laying the tile, making sure to start in the middle of the room and work outwards. Take your time when making cuts, and always measure the cut twice before processing the tile through the saw. Place tile spacers between each space to ensure you have even lines. You should also avoid walking on the tile once placed for 24 hours.

Grout and Clean the Tile: Once the tile is dry and securely in place, remove the spacers and place a line of grout in each space. Use a trowel to ensure even coverage. Clean the tile by washing it with a wet sponge. Any excess grout should be wiped up quickly to help facilitate the cleaning process. Allow the grout to dry for 24 hours before walking on it.

Don’t make installing Ceramic Tile in Renton, WA more complicated than it needs to be. With the right tools you can turn any tile job into a weekend project. If you feel the job is too much for you, then contact the professionals at Tile Lines. They can help you find the perfect tile and arrange for professional installation.

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