How to Find a Dependable Auto Mechanic

by | Jul 11, 2013 | Automotive

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When looking for an Auto Mechanic Fort Collins CO drivers can depend on, there are a few details you can consider. Here are 8 points you want to check when looking for your auto mechanic:

* Brand Familiarity: You want to be certain that the Auto Mechanic Fort Collins CO you select knows about your car. Make sure they are trained on the proper diagnostic equipment for your brand.

* Referrals: Asking around town will help you find a trustworthy mechanic. Nothing speaks louder than words of praise when it comes to a good mechanic.

* Research: Do some research online to make sure there aren’t any complaints against the mechanic. In most cases no news may be good news so if you find nothing, including good news, don’t assume they aren’t good enough to have ratings online. It may just be their clients just don’t do that kind of thing.

* Certification: Not everyone realizes that mechanics require certification. Most will have certification posted in their customer service area. Check to be safe for their ASE.

* Tripe B: Check with the Better Business Bureau for complaints as well.

* Experience: An Auto Mechanic in Fort Collins CO shop that has been in business for many years is more than likely a safe bet. It’s hard to stay in business if you are constantly under scrutiny for poor service.

* Trial Run: Before you commit, have a simple task performed such as an oil change. It may not be a true test as an oil change is pretty simple, but if they are late, overcharge or show any other signs of dishonesty or poor service you will know they are not for you.

* Warranties: A good mechanic will stand behind their work. Check to see what kind of warranties they offer. Check with a few mechanics for one specific service to gauge how they compare to their competition.

* Service: See if they offer shuttle buses, loyalty programs or customer appreciation days. These can be signs they care about their customers.
If your Auto Mechanic Fort Collins CO meets all of these criteria then you have found yourself a dependable mechanic for your car.

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