How To Correctly Size Square Tablecloths

by | Oct 4, 2022 | Shopping

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Getting the correct size of tablecloth in important, particularly for special events and one of a kind gatherings. Incorrect sizing means the tablecloths may be too small, leaving areas of the table exposed. Tablecloths that are too big pool at the bottom and create a very real risk of a guest catching a foot and tripping or pulling the entire tablecloth off of the table.

The square tablecloth is easier to size than other table shapes because it is the same with regards to both length and width. There is another measure to consider with square tablecloths, and this is known as the drop length.

The Drop

The drop, or the drop length, is the distance the table cloth hangs down or “drops” from the edge of the table. The length of the drop is really up to personal preference, but it is typically at least 11 inches.

For a more formal setting, you may wish to have the tablecloth extend halfway or two-thirds of the way to the floor. It is also possible to have the tablecloth just touch the floor, all of these can be accepted ways to use square tablecloths.

To determine the drop you like, select any piece of fabric and place it on the edge of the table and hanging down. Note the distance you like and measure the edge of the fabric closest to the floor to the table top.

The Size

To calculate the size of square tablecloths using the drop length you like, simply measure across the top of the table. Then multiply the drop length you like by two and add it to the distance across the table. This will give you the correct size for the tablecloth.

If it isn’t a standard size, you can then choose to size up or down to the best match. Typically, an inch or two either direction will be impossible to notice, particularly on a standard height of the table.

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