How to choose the Right Sales Trainer

by | Feb 16, 2015 | Uncategorized

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If you are seeking a Sales Trainer Chicago companies have to be focused on finding the right sales trainer to meet their needs and corporate culture. Not all companies share the same philosophy when it comes to their sales approach and therefore it is critical to be specific in your inquiries to ensure you do not offer your sales team training that is not well suited to your goals and objectives. It is all about finding the right methodology using these tips:

Their Sales Pitch

When you are on the search for a sales trainer in Chicago, they will be presenting their own methodology when they make their pitch for the job. This will be your first clue about their approach to training. If you are interested in a training company have them come out and pitch their services. You will see right away what they believe to be important for successful sales and use this to weigh their approach to the approach of their competitors. In other words, their sales pitch should be a demonstration of the skills they expect to pass on to your team.

No Advantage

If you discover a few potential candidates seem to be unable to differentiate themselves from the others, this is a sign they do not have a unique approach to training and probably do not have unique materials to use to train your team. You want to find a trainer who stands out from the crowd as this will clearly demonstrate their ability to impart valuable information to your team.

Who You Are

A good training company will know that the number one advantage any salesperson can have over the rest is their ability to research their sales leads in order to fine tune and customise their pitch to meet their needs. If you find a particular sales trainer Chicago might hire is very focused on who you are and what you do this means they are aware of the importance of researching and customizing pitches for each sales lead. They should be asking you just as many questions as you want to ask them as an indication they will be tailor making your courses to suit your company’s specific needs.

Value Proposition

You know your company’s unique value proposition so make sure potential trainers know their own. If you find someone who is unaware of what sets them apart, then they aren’t even convinced their own services are unique.

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