How To Choose Between Pieces Of Seed Handling Equipment

by | Dec 20, 2012 | Business

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If you are in the business of farming seeds, then you know just how pricey the equipment you need can be. Saving on the cost of your seed handling equipment should be a priority for any season that you plan to harvest seeds. Saving on the cost of a new gravity wagon augur, a gravity wagon belt conveyor, a weigh hopper, a bulk seed load out tank, a seed tender or a horizontal belt conveyor could help you improve the bottom line for your farm.

Choosing the most appropriate seed handling equipment for your farm starts by considering your yield. There are some of these pieces of equipment that have telescoping spouts for gentle seed handling. Some hoppers will be able to handle a few dozen bushels of seeds at a time, while others are designed to handle 300 or more bushels with ease. You may not be able to purchase seed handling equipment that handles higher yields if you operate a small farm. Even if you are able to purchase the seed handling equipment that is designed for high yield operations, it will be impractical to purchase machines meant to harvest thousands of bushels per week when you only need to harvest a few hundred bushels in a month.

It will be impractical because of the overhead costs associated with high yield seed handling equipment. The most expensive gear for handling seeds costs a lot of money to operate. Paying the regular cost just to operate the machines may cut into your profits if you do not have a large yield. You will need to produce enough seeds for your buyers to justify the ongoing and high cost of seed handling equipment designed for high yield.

If you do not require high yield equipment for your seed handling operation, then keep it simple. It is easy to find the most appropriate seed equipment based on existing information about these products. Catalogs from a farming equipment manufacturers can help you find out details on various pieces of machinery that will improve your seed farming operation. You can also read web reviews that breakdown which pieces of equipment are going to be practical according to the amount of seeds that you produced during a harvest.

It is also important to think about maintaining your equipment. Dirty seed handling equipment is going to directly affect the quality of your seeds. If your farm is not able to produce clean and usable seeds to buyers, word is going to quickly spread from the buyer that is unhappy with your seeds to other potential buyers. In other words, poor quality assurance may end up cutting into your profits and damaging the long term scope of your farm.

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