How to Buy the Right Collar for your Dog

by | May 13, 2013 | Shopping

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A dog wears a collar for the majority of his life.  It is part of his identity and an essential accessory that some thought needs to be put into before purchase.  With so many collars available it can be overwhelming to pick one that is right for your dog.  Delicate and posh collars to rugged pet LED collars are out there.  Here are some pointers to think about before you head to the pet store.

First, think about the physical size of your pet.  A small dog needs a collar with smaller hardware and thinner lighter material.  A medium to large dog has more options as they are able to wear larger, thicker and heavier collars.

Next, you need to consider the disposition and behavior of your dog.  Feisty pets who like to jump and pull need controlling collars, such as head collars or prong collars, or harnesses for walking and training. When not walking, a durable nylon or leather collar is best.  Working dogs and other active pets need a durable collar and might even consider pet LED collars for dark working conditions or evening walks required to burn all of that energy.

Similar to humans having different shoes for different occasions, it’s nice to have collar options for your dog.  You certainly wouldn’t wear your dress shoes for a hike!  Much like your pet shouldn’t wear the delicately decorated collar to go run in the local creek.  For special events or family gatherings, it’s nice to have a dressier collar to impress guests.  A durable yet comfortable Pet LED collar should be worn on a regular basis.  There are also collars that have safety in mind.  Pet LED collars light up so you can find your pet at night or walk safer along a path or road.

Many pet owners also like to dress their dog up for holidays.  There are decorative collars meant to be worn over the ‘real’ collar to spread holiday cheer.  Halloween and Christmas are the major holidays when you can find such specialty collars at your local pet store.

Once you stop and think about your dog and his personality, it is easier to make a collar decision.  Whether you choose a pet LED collar or a simply nylon collar, be sure it fits correctly.  You should be able to snuggly fit two fingers under the collar.  A collar that doesn’t fit properly is futile.

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